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Christians and the Census

February 4, 2013

As we now know, the world didn’t come to an end in December 2012… so it will be (mildly) interesting to see what the next Disaster Date is going to be!

As for our church here in Milford on Sea, even though we eagerly await the return of our Lord, we are looking ahead at the New Year with much brighter thoughts and prospects. There’s the Newcomers’ Supper in March, only a few weeks before Easter; a great opportunity to meet people. On Easter Sunday we’re having our second joint evening service down at the Community Centre, which should be good. In April there’s the Holiday Club, which we of course hope will see even more children than last year. In September we’re planning the Big Welcome, a special weekend to invite friends, family and neighbours to come along and get to know us better. And of course, Young Voices of Milford (the children’s choir) will continue to bring joy (and parents) to our fellowship!

But most important of all: Jesus is still the same, and his mission for his church is still the same: make disciples of all nations. This does no longer refer simply to the world outside the UK – Britain is very much a mission field. The 2011 census revealed that only 59% of residents consider themselves to be Christians. Now, that might seem very little to you; however, judging by society around us, and the response we get on the doors to the gospel, I think the figure should be nearer 25% or even less – at least if by “Christian” we mean “people who have accepted Jesus’ offer of grace and forgiveness and decided to follow him as their Lord and King”. That is the biblical definition of Christian; anything else is a distortion of the word.

So as 2013 rolls on and the UK becomes ever more secularised, let’s keep presenting Jesus to people, since that is what we have been commissioned by our Lord to do. And as we do that, let’s keep pray that there will still be more true Christians by the end of the year than at the beginning!


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