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Precious Faith – Or Precious Saviour?

March 25, 2013

Sometimes people tell me that “their faith is very precious to them”, or that somebody is “very committed to their religion”. I never quite know what to say about this, because it’s clearly meant as a positive statement that I’m supposed to approve of.

And yet, I’m not sure I do. “My religion” often seems to refer to the traditions, rituals, music and ceremonies that somebody has grown up with (or chosen to align themselves with) – but that doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to approaching God. Yes, my faith is important to me – but not in its own right. Traditions, rituals and familiar words are all very nice and important, but knowing God is so much more than that.

I would rather say that “my Saviour is precious to me”, and claim that I’m “very committed to Jesus”. Jesus is the only reason I’m a Christian; not because of my upbringing (my dad was an atheist till he was 32) but because nobody else provides a way to connect with the living God. No matter how precious my particular traditions and favourite songs are – if Jesus is a myth and his resurrection a fable, my faith is not “precious” but only a waste of time.

But now “Christ has indeed been raised from the dead” (1 Cor 15:20), and my faith commitment is not a waste of time. Not because of what it is in itself, but because it is rooted in Jesus, the Messiah, who died on a cross to reconcile us to God and rose from the dead to show us that he’s King and Lord, victorious over death and able to save anyone who comes to him.

So as we celebrate Easter again this month, let’s not forget that our faith is based on fact, not fable; centred on a real historical person, not a legendary hero, and that Jesus offers genuine forgiveness, not just a religious feel-good factor.



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