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Jesus at the Centre

April 26, 2013

Let me ask you a very personal question: What is the most important aspect of your faith? Is it the music? The familiar words of whatever liturgy we use? The well-known faces of our congregation, people we feel comfortable and happy with? Or could it be the feel-good factor of being “on the inside”, being among “those who know”?

All those are nice and good things, no doubt, but I don’t think you’ll find them in the New Testament! The nearest you’ll get is “knowing the truth”, an expression used several times, and the sure hope that the Gospel offers to all who believe.

Truth is incredibly important, and the opposition that the Gospel faces stems (at least partly) from the fact that we claim to be proclaiming absolute truth – what the Bible says is true of all people in all times and all places. That is a problem nowadays, when many prefer a more flexible approach to statements about the ultimate reality; but if a statement is only true to those who choose to accept it, it can’t be true in any meaningful sense. If Jesus is alive, as we claim, he is alive whether you believe it or not – yes, whether you like it or not.

However, I don’t think even the concept of truth is the most important aspect of the Christian faith. Our faith isn’t ultimately based on doctrines (even if they are obviously more important than other things we sometimes worry about – like music, church buildings or clothes styles). It’s based around a person, and the doctrines we proclaim to be true are true because of that person. Jesus is the centre of our faith, and if we lose sight of him, we have lost the truth of our faith. Jesus declared that He himself is the Truth – not just a teacher of truth, but Truth personified. If we hold on to him, we will find ultimate truth; if we ignore him, our doctrines are pointless.

So when we gather together as Christians, whether for worship or witness, let’s make sure Jesus is always the centre. He is the reason we meet, and meeting Him – experiencing Him – praising Him – proclaiming him – is the main purpose of our gatherings. Apart from Him, nothing else matters!


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