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Switching Your Salvation Provider

May 14, 2013

Last year we changed our energy provider. That’s apparently what you have to do nowadays: look around for the best deal, and then switch. And next year, you have to shop around again. And again the following year… And the same thing is true of bank accounts and car insurance. If you keep your old savings account going, you will soon discover that the interest rate has dropped to 0%, and I’m sure my insurance premium is going to go up next time I have to renew it.

One thing is clear: loyalty is not rewarded. If anything, it makes you look foolish: you get a much better deal if you change! And I fear that the same attitude has spilled over into human relationships as well; just take a look at today’s divorce rates. “It’s easier to switch if you don’t get hitched” – is that the invisible advertising slogan that couples operate with nowadays? I hope not – but then again, one does wonder…

But there is one area of life (and death) where loyalty is still valued. Jesus makes it very clear that when it comes to faith, you can’t just switch and swap as you please. When you’ve found the truth, you have to stick with it.

Why is that? Because there is only one God, only one Life-giver. When it comes to gas and electricity, the best deals do change, and it may be in your best interest to switch. When it comes to forgiveness and eternal life, there is only one deal, and it will never change. If you’re with Jesus, you have it all; there is no other Saviour (Acts 4:12). If you’re not yet with Jesus, it is definitely in your best interest to switch: no other provider offers eternal life, forgiveness for anything – yes, anything! – you might have done wrong, and an on-going friendship with your Creator. Customer services are excellent: a direct line to the heavenly throne room – you’ll never be put on hold! – and the Holy Spirit living in you: the presence of God in your everyday life. Go compare if you like, but don’t ignore the issue: the truth will shine forth, because God doesn’t want anybody to be*

So if you’re already with Jesus, don’t let go – there is no better deal; if you’re not yet with Jesus, isn’t it time you switched?

*[For non-UK readers, GoCompare and are two of our biggest online comparison websites.]


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