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What Makes Church Attractive?

June 6, 2013

Dear friends,

What makes a church a church? Pews? Sermons? Christians in the pews listening to sermons? Or the vibrant presence of the Spirit of the living God?

Following Jesus is all about having a relationship with God, the Creator of the universe. His Holy Spirit lives in each believer and creates that connection, that bond between God and man. Nothing else is as important as that – that’s what being a Christian really means.

The problem is that people outside the church don’t realise this. They think it’s about following the religion you were brought up with, or being a good person, or enjoying a certain kind of social life, or having nothing better to do on a Sunday morning… when it’s really all about knowing God and serving his kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So how do we get around this misunderstanding?

For one thing, let’s not aim to get people simply to “come to church”; instead, let’s invite them to “take a look at Jesus” and find out more about him. Coming to church on Sunday may be a step in that direction – but Sunday morning isn’t the only time and place you can meet the Lord!

Secondly: don’t emphasize morality. Christianity isn’t primarily about getting people to behave in a certain way; you can be a very moral person and still end up outside God’s eternal kingdom. Christianity isn’t about obeying the rules, but receiving forgiveness when you fail.

Thirdly: even if you were brought up a Christian, this shouldn’t be the main reason you’re a Christian today. Lots of people are brought up in Christian homes, and still choose not to follow Jesus; so the fact that you are still following Jesus must mean that you made a personal decision at some point. That’s what people need to know: why did you choose to continue following Jesus, when you could have chosen not to?

Hopefully, answering that question would point to your personal relationship with Jesus and what he means to you. Are you excited about Jesus? Does his Spirit inspire you to praise him and stand in awe before him? Then how can you keep quiet? People get excited about football, TV and pop stars; if we were even half as passionate about Jesus, our pews might soon be full…


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