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True Christian Unity

July 23, 2013

A while ago I shared some thoughts based on a man I disagree with. This time, I want to start by quoting someone I agree with: C H Spurgeon (1834-1892), one of the most famous Baptist preachers of all times. His words on unity are well worth repeating:

 Christ, my brethren, is the point of union for all the soldiers of the cross. I know of no other place where all Christians can meet. We cannot all meet … at the baptismal stream … We cannot all meet even around the [communion] table … But all Christians can meet in the person of Christ; all true hearts can meet in the work of Christ.

 Since I started my ministry here in Milford, we have several times come together as churches at various outreach events: the Good Friday service on the village green, the joint service of the Arts and Music Festival, the united evening services that are now a regular feature in the Community centre, and most recently the well-attended “Songs of Praise” at Keyhaven. It’s wonderful to be able to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, and even more wonderful to be able to do so without worrying about denominational labels. As Spurgeon says: when the focus is on Jesus and what he’s done for us, all true Christians can and should be united. This is not to say we should all give up our separate identities; there is plenty of room for different churches with different emphases and cherished traditions (and as we’re all convinced that our version is the most biblical, formal unification would be rather difficult… ). But it does mean that if Jesus is at the centre of what we are and what we do, there is already a unity of hearts that makes us one in Jesus Christ: one in spirit and in purpose. Let’s heed Spurgeon’s call:

 Forward then, Christians, to the point of union! In the crusade against the powers of darkness, with the salvation of sinners for my one undivided aim, little care I for anything but the lifting up of my Master’s gospel, and the proclamation of the Word of mercy through his flowing blood. 


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