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Faith is More Than Facts, Not Less Than Factual

September 20, 2013

Did you know that Barack Obama might be the Antichrist (and he might also be Osama bin Laden)? That George Bush authorised the 9/11 attacks? That the French language is descended from English? That Jesus is going to come back to earth – in a UFO?

Well, all these ideas (and many more, even whackier ones) can be found in books and on the Internet, and a lot of people believe them. Sometimes the arguments are rather pathetic (e.g. “Obama hails from Chicago whose zipcode is 60606”), sometimes it’s rather difficult to see through the clever reasoning – and in some cases, we might have to concede that it’s not possible to completely disregard the possibility that things aren’t as we thought… 

Christians are not – contrary to popular belief – particularly naïve and credulous people (I’m actually quite a sceptic, myself). Our faith doesn’t rest on subjective experiences or brain washing by fanatical preachers. Many people have looked into the facts of Christianity, fully bent on disproving it but ending up converted to faith in Jesus (I can recommend The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel for one such story). We believe in Jesus because that seems the most obvious explanation of what we have heard, observed, experienced and concluded.

Still, truth can be elusive; mainly because we are limited in our understanding and knowledge, and also because there are people who stand to benefit from twisting the truth for their own purposes. That’s why it’s so important to remember that following Jesus isn’t about having all the correct information; it’s about maintaining a friendship with a living person. The real, ultimate Truth is a person, not a fact – as Christians, we are disciples of the Truth that became a human being in order to draw us back to Himself.

This means that having all the facts (or most of them) isn’t enough. You can know the Bible by heart and still not have a relationship with Jesus; you can enjoy close friendship with the Lord of the universe even if you have never been to school and can’t read a single line of the Bible. Our faith is based on facts, but they only serve to point us to Jesus, who invites us into his Kingdom as children of God and citizens of heaven. He is the one and only way to God; the only source of forgiveness and eternal life. Whatever else you believe about the world, don’t get that one wrong!


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