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I’m Encouraged and I Know It!

October 10, 2013

September was surely one of the most exciting months our church has experienced in a long time!

First there were the two baptisms, with extra visitors and testimonies to God’s grace, reaching many who don’t normally come to church.

Then a lady who hasn’t always been visibly involved in church life shared with us her call to go to Uganda to share God’s love with the children there – which points us back to our Vision statement, which states that we are committed to sharing God’s love in word and action. I don’t know if Milford on Sea Baptist church has ever commissioned missionaries before – but even if the answer is yes, I’m sure it was a long time ago!

The new study on the fruit of the Spirit is also something to be excited about; the prospect of the church growing together in Christlikeness and love is exciting, and the first session have been interesting and – hopefully – fruitful…

The Big Welcome weekend was exciting: a fish’n’ships quiz with nearly 20 non-church people and the same amount of church-goers, a concert with the Salvation army band, and a Harvest celebration where we could celebrate God’s goodness.

The month ended with another united worship service in the community centre; assorted Christians coming together to praise their Lord without denominational barrier – surely something to give thanks to God for as well!

Looking forward, there are many more opportunities to invite people to various events: café church, Remembrance Sunday, and of course the many Christmas services in December. Don’t hesitate to tell people about the church and what we’re doing!

And don’t ever hesitate to tell people about Jesus; after all, he’s the Lord of the church, and in the long run, nothing else matters, other  than whether people have got to know Jesus or not. Let’s pray that we will see our efforts bearing fruit in that way; because that’s the only true measure of a church’s success.


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