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Dead Men Tell No Tales… Except This One!

April 25, 2014

Some events seem great when they happen, but soon disappear into the mists of history. E.g. on the 8th April AD217, the Roman emperor Caracalla was assassinated. Ring any bells? No, didn’t think so.

Other events seem insignificant at the time, but have tremendous consequences. Nearly 2000 years ago, some ordinary women were going to a garden tomb to pay their last respects to a dead friend – and found the tomb empty. That event is still remembered.

The Resurrection is easily the most controversial of all the Christian doctrines and statements. People can agree to Jesus being a good teacher or a religious reformer; most people accept that he lived and died in Israel some 2000 years ago; but the Resurrection? No way, Jose – dead people don’t rise, and that’s that.

Nevertheless, the Christian church has consistently insisted that Jesus did. This is not a sign of naïve gullibility; 2000 years ago they knew just as well as we do that dead people don’t wake up again. That’s why they couldn’t keep quiet when they realised that Jesus had done it anyway.

And if you look at the facts logically, the best explanation is actually that Jesus rose. Check for yourself:

1)    The tomb was empty. The Jewish leaders didn’t want Jesus back, and the Romans had no interest in more unrest in Jerusalem; so if either lot had known where the body was, they would have brought it out as soon as the disciples started preaching the resurrection.

2)    The disciples believed Jesus was alive again. The early church was persecuted, most of its leaders were executed, but they still stood firm. Would they have done that if they had stolen the body and lied about it? There was nothing to gain from doing so – no money, no honour, no position in society… would you accept torture and death for a deliberate lie?

So if neither his friends nor his enemies had the body, where was it? Some people think a UFO came and took it away; personally I am more inclined to accepting Jesus’ own words: “I am the resurrection and the life”. He knew what he was doing, and willingly gave his life for our shortcomings, to bring us back to fellowship with God our Father. His resurrection proves he accomplished his mission; it promises more than we could ever dream of, and we ignore it at our peril!


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