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What Do You Expect?!

June 2, 2014

What do we really expect from God?

Sadly, it seems a lot of Christians don’t really expect very much at all. It’s all in the past: he created, he was born in Bethlehem, he died and rose again, and then returned to heaven, where he is currently waiting to return in glory on the last day.

All that is true, of course; but what about the here and now?

I find myself challenged, frustrated and excited – all at once – by stories of healing and testimonies of restored lives; drug addicts experiencing the liberating power of God, broken families rebuilt, and the love of God poured out in abundance. I want to see more of that! I want to see God at work here where I minister, in Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, England!

And of course, God is at work; people’s lives are being changed – it’s just not as spectacular or instantaneous as I would like.

But let’s turn the question around. Rather than demanding from God, let’s ask: what does God expect from us? After all, we’re here as representatives of his kingdom; we’re supposed to be living for him, not for ourselves… What might that mean?

We need to be willing to be challenged: if we insist on having things our way, we will not see much of God.

We need to have a desire – a thirst – for God: if we are content with our current faith status, God isn’t going to be able to do any more for us.

We need to have faith: if we don’t believe God is willing and able to intervene, we won’t see a lot of intervening. Yes, God can overrule our doubts; but in general it seems that we only receive what we are open to receive.

We need to keep asking him to work in our lives, not just in those around us. After all, the Bible seems to say that only persistent prayer will bring about God’s purpose in people’s lives. We need to ask him to increase our faith; we need to ask him to create a stronger thirst in our hearts for his presence; we need to ask for the willingness to be challenged and changed.

One thing we mustn’t do, however, is to settle down and be content with the status quo. There is always room for growth; you can always get closer to God. May that be our constant desire and overarching purpose as disciples and as the church of Jesus!


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