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Boo… Jesus Is So Scary!

July 10, 2014

Soon after I came to Milford on Sea three years ago, I started going around knocking on doors in the village. This outreach had a twofold purpose: to get to know the people of Milford, and to introduce them to Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. The first part was easy enough, and I definitely know more of the locals now than when I first started (although going to the pub quiz might also have had something to do with that). The second objective, however, has proved more difficult…

The biggest surprise I’ve had when meeting people on the doorstep is that some people actually seem to be scared of Jesus! Well, maybe not “scared” as such, but the name definitely makes them uneasy, almost worried. Why on earth would that be, especially in a so-called Christian country?

I can only conclude that a lot of people aren’t aware that Jesus is the centre and focal point of Christianity. Being a Christian is not about doing good, going to church, ticking a certain box on the religious census, or even about believing there’s a higher power. It is all about Jesus, who he is and what he’s done. He died as a sacrifice for our sins – what’s your response to that? He claims to be God the Son, deity in human flesh – what do you make of that? He has promised to come back as King of kings to set up his father’s kingdom – what does that mean for us ordinary mortals?

The truth is, God wants to welcome you into his kingdom, but the only way there is through Jesus. That’s why I constantly try and point people to Jesus; and that’s why it grieves me to find that so many seem to have misunderstood what Christianity is all about!


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