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How to Indoctrinate Your Children

October 9, 2014

A few months ago, we ran a Holiday Club here at the Baptist church – for the first time arranged by three of our churches together. The children who took part had fun, and a chance to hear more about Jesus, which was great!
Because – despite what Dawkins and others may think – nobody becomes a Christian automatically; not even children of Christian parents. It’s not hard to find people who grew up with Sunday school and church, but still chose to leave God behind when they had the choice. How proactive are we as (grand)parents to make sure our (grand)children get to know Jesus?
Many say that’s the responsibility of the church: if our kids go to Sunday school and youth group, surely that’s enough?
I’m not so sure. One or two hours a week is hardly enough to show them Jesus, and ultimately, we parents are responsible for the welfare of their children. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you have his command to make disciples of all nations; the obvious place to start is at home!
If we want our children to be part of God’s Kingdom, we have to make sure they hear the gospel properly – and that they see what it means to us personally. If your everyday life doesn’t reflect Jesus, church on Sunday won’t change the impression you make the rest of the week!
Now, even the most committed parents can’t do everything. One way of getting additional input is sending your (grand)children to events where Jesus is at the centre for longer than just one hour a week: holiday club, summer camp, Bible conferences…
We sent both of our children to Christian camps last summer. Such events are great, for a variety of reasons: they give youngsters a chance to experience God in a different setting, they can ask questions that they might be embarrassed to ask at home, and they get to meet Christians from other places, which helps broaden their understanding of faith – and if you come from a small church, being able to worship with lots of other young people is quite exciting!
So my challenge to all Christian parents is: are you serious about helping your children meet Jesus? Will you do what it takes – family prayers, summer camps, changing your lifestyle – to help them see that Jesus is real? They may still choose to ignore him; but at least you will know you’ve done your best…


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  1. patchingcracks permalink

    This is a great article! It’s so important for parents to take an active role in teaching their kids the faith and modeling it for them. Thanks for the post.

  2. Susann Rugg permalink

    I agree with everything you write and try to live by it. But is the word “indoctrinate” really what you mean; that gives the idea of brain washing and it is (in my experience) those who feel that they were indoctrinated as children who turn their backs on Christ when they start to think for themselves. How about “Encourage your children in the right direction” or “Lead the children the right way” or something?

    • Well, yes – the heading was tongue in cheek, since Dawkins and his ilk are always accusing us of indoctrination, basically saying nobody would be a Christian if not indoctrinated by parents (like yourself, right!?). Plus, I thought “indoctrinate” might attract a few more readers… 🙂

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