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The Soteriologically Eschatological Baby

November 26, 2014

Do you know what “the eschatological kerugma of the soteriological Christ event” is? No? And you call yourself a Christian?!

Don’t worry – it’s actually just a very convoluted way of referring to the preaching of the Good News about what Jesus has done for our salvation in these last days. I made the phrase up myself when I was at Bible College, as a way of poking fun at the theological language that can make our message very difficult to grasp.

Sadly, even my translation above might be difficult for people to grasp: what is “salvation”, and why would we need Jesus to help us find it? The Good News doesn’t necessarily seem good to people now, and our task is to help them get it.

Christmas might be a good start. A new-born baby is not that difficult to understand or relate to; after all, we have all been babies, and many of us have also encountered a number of babies (our own or others’). But what’s so special about the Christmas baby? Why do we sing about him and talk about him and celebrate his birthday after nearly 2000 years (on the wrong date, admittedly, but still)?

Well, only that this baby was God Almighty, coming to earth on a rescue mission. Humankind was (and is) trapped in a hopeless dilemma, with no way of connecting with God; so God decided to intervene in order to remove the barrier – our selfishness, greed and pride – that stood between us and him. Thus God was born as a human being, and then he died as a human being – except that unlike us, he didn’t have to die; he was innocent and guilt-free, but went to the cross for us, entirely voluntarily.

God sent his Son, his name is Jesus – he came to love, heal, and forgive” – that’s what’s so special about this baby!

Light of the world, you stepped down in to darkness” – that’s what’s so special about this baby!

Mild he lays his glory by, born that man no more may die” – that’s what’s so special about this baby!

Let’s never forget who is at the centre of our Christmas celebration: God with us, Immanuel!


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