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A Call to Prayer

March 4, 2015

Dear friends,

March promises to be another busy month this year! There are a few special Sunday mornings (Mothering Sunday, the Friendship Circle anniversary and Palm Sunday) and one Café church; there’s an Easter film, and before that we have the first fish’n’quiz of the year.

And just before Easter week, we’re having another special Week of Prayer for the whole church (Monday 23rd – Friday 27th). This will be the third such week we organise in the last few years. Why do we do this?

Firstly, we follow in the footsteps of Christians throughout the ages. Acts contains several descriptions of the believers coming together in prayer – from the very first chapter, before the church had even started properly – and it has always been an important aspect of church life. Yes, we’re told to pray in private, but that never seems to be an alternative to praying with others. We’re part of God’s family, the body of Christ – we need to meet together, and one important purpose is to come before the King with our worship and prayer.

Secondly, we can encourage and learn from each other when we come together in prayer. We all have different habits and traditions, and praying with others can help us see that our format isn’t the only possibility.

But primarily, because we believe in a God who answers prayer. We believe – although it can’t be scientifically proven – that power is released and the will of God is done when the people of God come together in prayer, adoration, intercession and waiting on the Lord (see Acts 4:31). Don’t miss out – join us in our Week of Prayer!


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