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Not So Controversial This Time…

May 5, 2015

So, what controversial theme am I going to bring up this time? How can I challenge, disturb, upset or amuse you? Shall I target nominal Christians, or atheists (if any such read our local parish magazine, where this was first published), or politicians, or…

Or maybe this time I should just proclaim the overwhelming goodness of the Lord?

I’m writing this just after the funeral of Godfrey Masters, one of the pillars of Milford Baptist church: always friendly, always getting things done, always eager to talk about Jesus and his love. We found that the evangelistic zeal we shared was stronger than our many differences of opinion on things that matter less. His life was a strong testimony to God’s grace, and although we will miss him, at least his funeral gave us another opportunity to proclaim God’s victory over death!

The month of May will see several other expressions of God’s grace. We have a baptism service coming up, when another teenage girl will declare her allegiance to Jesus the Messiah. It’s good to be reminded that God isn’t too bothered by all the atheist propaganda going around; he’s still busy bringing people into his kingdom!

Then we have a wedding, which reminds us that we’re not just the products of blind chance and survival instincts, but that our Creator God is a loving, caring God who made us capable of loving and caring – that’s part of what being made “in God’s image” means…

And finally there’s Pentecost, when we celebrate that God the Holy Spirit is right here with us, living in each believer and connecting us to the Father with an unbreakable bond. It’s quite fitting that we also have a united evening service that weekend, the culmination of the week of united prayer – if the Holy Spirit is at work in every believer, it shouldn’t be that hard for us to worship together!

Although my family and I will actually miss that service: we will be at a Christian music festival in Sussex, celebrating God’s love, his victory over death and his presence in our lives, through the manifold medium of music – another marvellous gift flowing out of God’s creative mind. As some other Swedes once sang, “Without a song or dance, what are we?” The Kingdom of God is joy and celebration – so come on and join the heavenly jubilation, singing to the Lord whose love endures forever!


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