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Living As Citizens of Heaven

June 1, 2015

Dear friends,

I’m currently preaching through Philippians – definitely an exciting and challenging book to preach through! Even though I split it up into nine sermons, I feel there’s still a lot to point to and get out of it. Which I guess shouldn’t really surprise us…

You could say that the main theme of Philippians is discipleship – I prefer to say that it’s about living as citizens of heaven in a world that doesn’t recognise the Lord of heaven. What does it mean to shine our light in the darkness? It means having the same attitude as Jesus, respecting others and preferring their needs to our own; seeking reconciliation and living in peace with others; rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord, rather than worrying about our problems; trusting him to meet our needs; and above everything else, relying entirely on what Jesus has done for us, rather than what we can do for him.

Is this easy? No – it’s impossible! That’s what the Holy Spirit is all about. Pentecost isn’t just an interruption of the ongoing sermon series; it’s a celebration of what makes it possible to be a Christian. Without God’s presence in our lives, we can’t be Christians. The Holy Spirit works in us to make us more like Jesus – and it’s a work in progress.

It’s sad when people think being a Christian is all about doing good things – “being nice to others” being a popular summary. It’s so much more than that! We’re actually asked to “love” others, as much as ourselves – and how often do we fail? We constantly need to be reminded of God’s grace towards us, failures that we are, and we constantly need to ask the Holy Spirit to keep working in us to make us more like Jesus. It’s not easy – it requires admitting that we’re not perfect – but it’s still the only way to keep shining that light!


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