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Some Ridiculous Thoughts

June 22, 2015

Earlier today, I tweeted this amazing insight:


And then I thought, I’d better list some of the ridiculousness I’m referring to, so I don’t swamped with tweets asking what I mean (well, yes, I know – silly me). So here we go – another grumpy middle-aged outburst against (some of) the ridiculousness found on the web, in no particular order:

  • The shootings in Charleston weren’t racially motivated. (Of course they were! How anyone could deny that is beyond me.)
  • Cyclists don’t pay road tax, and shouldn’t be allowed on roads. (Nobody pays road tax; that was abolished in 1937. In the UK, car owners pay a vehicle tax based on CO2 emissions, which of course doesn’t apply to bikes.)
  • The King James Version is the only correct translation of the Bible. (Sorry; most of the world’s population don’t speak 17th century English, and neither did Jesus.)
  • Christians are anti-science. (Tell that to my children, who both love science – or to any of the many Christian scientists all over the world…)
  • Britain is a Christian country. (Really? How does that show, then?)
  • There’s no evidence for God. (This statement confuses “evidence” and “proof”. There’s plenty of evidence for God’s existence, if you only bother to look.)
  • Disapproval is the same as hatred. (This actually only seems to apply in the case of religion and same-sex relations; in any case it’s silly – I disapprove of many kinds of behaviour, without hating the person who does them. One of my best friends is an alcoholic; he knows I disapprove of his drinking, and it’s because I don’t hate him that I try to get him to quit!)
  • Premillennialism is the only end-times doctrine acceptable in God’s eyes. (If that is so, then a large number of evangelical theologians, including the Reformers, are disqualified.)
  • Barack Obama is the Antichrist. (No, he isn’t.)
  • Reading Harry Potter will make children turn to witchcraft and occultism. (Well, we’ve read all of them – and seen all the films – and I’m still waiting for my kids to try and Apparate to school. Truth is, in reality we’re all Muggles, and children generally understand the difference between reality and good stories.)

I’m sure there’s more (sigh) but this will do for now…


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  1. Susanne Rugg permalink

    Do you want some more? “You are only an Evangelical Christian if you believe in a literal six day creation, believers’ baptism, no SSM and male only teachers and leaders in church”.

  2. Well, yes – the whole question of defining “evangelical” is rather thorny. I would say that three of those should not be part of the definition; one of them probably should be. Can you guess which one that might be?

  3. Susanne Rugg permalink

    I am afraid I might disagree with you; would you not call me an evangelical if that was the case?

  4. I think that would depend on why you take the position you take. As far as I can see, most supporters of SSM end up either denying the authority/inspiration of the Bible – in which case you are no longer an evangelical – or pitching different parts of the NT against each other. The latter might be possible even with an evangelical belief in the inspiration of the Bible, but it’s still questionable.

    Let me add that I would dearly love to be able to embrace SSM; I just can’t see that the NT allows me to do that.

    Obviously I don’t know if that’s the one you disagree with me on; but at least now you don’t need to guess!

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