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What to Do in the Summer

August 18, 2015

August is a funny month. For families like us, it’s generally the month when you go away on holiday; for others, it’s the month to avoid going away! Fortunately God never takes time off; he doesn’t need a holiday, and he “will neither slumber nor sleep” (Ps 121). Whatever is going on in the world, he is watching over it and us!

And his Church will also continue its Kingdom ministry during the summer. That ministry isn’t dependent on whether we have particular services or not; we are the Church, and wherever we are during the summer months, that’s where the Church is.

One thing that characterises the Church in the UK (and elsewhere, presumably!) is the Christian conferences that take place during the year, and especially during the summer months. I am looking forward to starting my annual leave with a week at the Keswick Convention – I’ve not been to a proper Christian conference for many years, and Keswick is renowned for good teaching, something a preacher can’t get too much of!

It might be too late for you this year, but if you’ve never been to any kind of conference before, why not think about going next year? Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor, New Wine, Creationfest, Keswick… there are many to choose from! Thousands of people can testify to the impact such gatherings have had on their faith – yes, your regular growth should take place in the context of your home church, but no church can offer everything you need. There’s always more to learn, more to apply, more to understand – and one thing is certain: you can never worship God too much!


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