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Do We All Really Worship the Same God?

October 29, 2015

Hope you all had a good summer! By now, all the regular church events (and some new ones) will have started up, and (unless you’ve just changed schools) life is probably back in its old ruts.

So it’s an excellent time to address another old chestnut: do devotees of other religions worship the same God as us?

A lot of people assume that since there’s only one God, the answer must be YES: everybody worships the same God, we just use different names and different routines to do it. Even those who agree that Christianity offers the best image of God are sometimes reluctant to invalidate the less accurate versions offered by other faiths.

There’s only one problem with this magnanimous attitude: it falls foul of both logic and revelation!

Logically, two opposite statements can’t both be true – and there’s no denying that the different religions contradict each other. So in order to assert that we all worship the same God (with the implication that God accepts any form of worship), you have to assume that all statements about God are equally mythological: it doesn’t matter if we contradict each other, because nothing we say is factually true!

However, this makes a mockery of our faith. As I stated last month, Christianity is very much based on facts, and it matters whether we get our facts right. There’s only one British Prime Minister; but if I write a letter to no 10 thinking I’ll be contacting Tony Blair, I won’t get very far!

In the same way, worship of a non-existent God won’t get you very far. There’s no hint anywhere that God accepts the worship of Baal, Dagon, Marduk or Zeus as valid; those gods are portrayed as different from the true God, and thus their worship is based on lies and will never reach the true God.

So how do we determine if somebody is worshipping the true God? It’s actually quite easy:

Does their God hate sin and evil, but love us sin-ridden humans? Did their God come to earth as a sinless human being? Did their God die as a sin-offering to provide forgiveness for all who ask for it? Is their God going to recreate the universe into a place with no sin, sickness or death?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, then they are indeed worshipping the God who revealed himself in Jesus. If the answer is no, then their god is an idol, and idol worship has never been acceptable to the true and living God.


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