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Grace for the New Year

January 6, 2016

“Grace” – a word that encapsulates and sums up what the Christian message is all about. Here is how I defined it in a recent sermon:

God accepts us as his children, sons and daughters of the King, not based on anything we’ve done or not done, but solely and purely based on what he himself has done in Jesus.

It’s sad, but ironically a good illustration of our need for grace, that we so often turn grace on its head and think salvation is a reward for righteous living. If there’s one thing that is clear from the Bible, it’s that we can’t live up to God’s standards of holiness, and so our only hope is God offer of free forgiveness through his grace. “Free” – except it wasn’t, of course, since Jesus paid the full price for our forgiveness!

But “saved by grace” also doesn’t mean “left to go on as before”. The grace of God is more than just forgiveness: God wants to make us whole, set us free from sin and its consequences, and shape us into the likeness of His Son Jesus. And that’s what the Grace course is all about.

The Grace course, which we will run here at Milford on Sea Baptist starting on the 12th January, aims to help us live every day in the power of the grace of God. Following Jesus isn’t just about being forgiven; it’s about living as a child of God. There are many forces that are trying to bring us down and pull us away from Jesus; the grace of God wants to bring us closer to him. Don’t miss out – make every effort to be part of this exciting opportunity to grow in your faith, love and freedom!

New Year Blessings!


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