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Billy Graham: Still Clinging to the Cross

January 13, 2016

At our Harvest lunch last year, we enjoyed watching the last message by Billy Graham, The Cross, which was released at the end of 2014 (yes I know, we were a bit behind, but better late than never!). Over the decades, in changing political and religious winds, Billy Graham’s core message has remained the same: we are all sinners, but there is grace and forgiveness at the cross of Jesus.

Graham stands out as an example in many ways. There seem to be no scandals of any sort associated with his name: no sexual escapades, no financial misbehaviour, no compromises. In the 50s he insisted on racial integration at his crusades – sounds obvious to us today, but it was bold at the time! As a European, I also applaud the fact that he (mostly) avoided to be dragged into American politics (although he has occasionally spoken out on “political” issues or supported particular candidates).

His main focus has always been preaching the gospel of grace, and his organisation reckon that well over 3 million people have responded to his invitation to accept Jesus as their Saviour. He may not be able to preach any more (he’s suffering from Parkinson’s, among other things), but the DVD we watched suggests that he is still clinging to the old, rugged cross – the only hope for sinners of all kinds, and Graham knew full well that he is one of them, just like you and me and every human being.

The days of mass crusades may be over, and Billy Graham is of course not the only preacher who has proclaimed the way of salvation (yours truly is doing his best to preach the very same message!) but we can still be grateful to God for his ministry, and for the millions of people who have believed thanks to him.

If you haven’t already seen it, please get hold of the DVD (it also includes the stories of two quite well-known people who testify to the life-changing power of the cross) and watch it at home – it’s definitely worth it!


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