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My 25 Favourite Christian Songs

February 3, 2016

I am an avid listener to music, especially when I’m working on the computer, driving or washing up. So the other day I started idly compiling a list of my all-time favourite songs; this post is the result. As you’ll see, my musical taste is quite wide, but you might think it’s also very narrow: I virtually only listen to “Christian music”.

This is not because there’s no good music outside of the church – there’s stacks, and I used to listen to that as well. However, when I was in my early 20s, I realised that some of it was having a rather detrimental effect on me: I would listen to Suzanne Vega and feel utterly depressed… So I made a decision: I would only listen to music that would explicitly edify me and glorify God.

Part of the reason for this is that I am very much a words person (probably not unusual for a pastor…), and lyrics mean a lot to me – especially in conjunction with good music, obviously! This might help explain why certain songs are included in my list: they may not be musically perfect, but the words have spoken powerfully into my life.

This kind of list is obviously completely and utterly subjective – there must be lots of great music out there that I just haven’t discovered yet; some items on the list are probably my favourites because of the associations they come with; and I will hopefully discover many more good songs in the future.

However, these are ones that have made an impact on me; ones I’ve rewound the tape or hit repeat for; ones that make me stop what I’m doing and just listen (or sing along, obviously).

I have deliberately not included hymns or “worship songs”, although the boundary is not always obvious. My personal definition (and as I said, this is very subjective!) goes something like this: what I have included are songs written to be performed by a particular artist and listened to by others, rather than songs written to be sung by congregations as part of their collective worship. Yes, there is (as my daughter quickly pointed out) a grey area in between, but I know what I mean…

I should also apologise for the inclusion of a few Swedish songs. Or maybe not: they are as much part of “my music” as the ones in English, and some of them have had a serious impact on my life; I couldn’t just exclude them.

I’ve put most of them in a playlist on Spotify; please feel free to comment below, especially if you’d like to recommend something else I might like to listen to!

Anyway, enough talking: here’s my very subjective list of favourite Christian songs (in alphabetical order, because I just couldn’t rank them):

Build Your Kingdom Here – Rend Collective

Bäste konsument – SALT

Carolina Moon – Glenn Kaiser

Cries of the City – Avion Blackman

God Part III – Larry Norman

Grave Robber – Petra

Hide in the Fairytale – Theocracy

I Am – Theocracy

In the Light – DC Talk

Innan – SALT

It Is Finished – Petra

Jesus Freak – DC Talk

Jesus Is for Losers – Steve Taylor

Maria Magdalena – Ingmar Johansson

Mary Did You Know – Michael English (and many others since)

Move – MercyMe

Slow Fade – Casting Crowns

So in Love with You – Rez Band

Starkindler – Michael Card

The Altar and the Door – Casting Crowns

The Path of Least Resistance – Brian Houston

There’s a Party Going On Upstairs – The Electrics

Too Small a Price – Don Francisco

Vår Gud blev oss en väldig borg ändå – Ingmar Johansson

You Carry Us – Mike Rayson


What do you think?!



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  1. I confess I’m a Christian who has never really liked Christian music as such, by which I mean actual Christian bands, I’m fine with hymns etc. I’ve never been sure why as I like plenty of ‘secular’ rock/pop etc, just not the Christian variety. It may stem from going back maybe twenty or more years to when, as I remember it, Christian bands tended to be quite poorly produced and lacking quality. But I know alot has changed since then. I’ve recently listened to some Rend Collective and Casting Crowns and surprised myself by enjoying them. I’ll have a listen to some of those on your list. Thanks. PS. Are Spotify lists public for others to enjoy or is it a private collection?

    • Thanks for commenting! You should be able to listen to my Spotify playlist, it’s supposed to be public. If it doesn’t work, let me know! There’s a lot of good music around, hope you find even more stuff worth listening to!

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