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Easter Comes But Once a Year… Or Not

March 21, 2016

Yet again, it’s time to write an Easter message – or several, as I write both for our own Church Bulletin and for the local Parish magazine. The following was published in our March bulletin, which came out at the end of February…

So it’s time to write another Easter message – although it seems a bit strange when it’s still only February, and you will probably have mislaid this month’s bulletin before we even get to Palm Sunday…

But we will celebrate Easter again, like all other years – and rightly so! Easter is the centrepiece of Christian faith, the main event that we keep pointing towards throughout the year. Every time we take Communion, we remember that Jesus died for our sins. Every time there’s a baptism, we’re reminded of the death and resurrection of the Son of God and that we can share in all that. And every Sunday we proclaim Jesus as Lord and King – the triumph of the resurrection is constantly on our lips.

I say “constantly”, because that’s how it should be. The resurrection isn’t something we can tuck away and bring out again once a week – or even worse, once a year. If you are a Christian, you have died and risen with Christ, and you’re now living in the power of the resurrection. Your life is defined by the resurrection. Your hope for the future is rooted in the resurrection.

Some Christian traditions act as if Jesus died anew every Good Friday, giving the impression that we have to wait till Sunday to find out whether he’s going to come back to life again. Now, there’s nothing wrong with concentrating on the cross and the horrendous suffering Jesus went through for our sake – but we already know how it ends, and we shouldn’t have to pretend we don’t know that Jesus is alive.

Because he is – all day, every day, eternally. That’s Good News indeed!

Happy Easter!


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