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Don’t Argue – There’s No Conflict!

May 27, 2016

Is there a conflict between faith and science? Some people certainly act as if there was, and they seem to want to convince the rest of us as well…

I have just been reading a couple of science-oriented books. The first one was “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson, the atheist journalist (maybe best known for his funny travel books). He sets out to explain the history of how we know what we know – basically the history of science, from a decidedly materialistic perspective.

Then I moved on to “Inventing the Universe” by Alister McGrath, a scientist and theologian who was an atheist and became convinced of God’s existence through his scientific studies…

Basically, there shouldn’t be a conflict between science and faith. Science deal exclusively with the material world and cannot by definition say anything about the supernatural. But logically the fact that scientists don’t include God in their research doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. You can see his footprints everywhere:

Science can explain how life reproduces, but not why there should be this drive to reproduce in the first place. Science can explain hormones, but not love. Science can measure the distance to stars and mountain tops, but not explain why we find them beautiful or awe-inspiring – or feel such a strong urge to get there. Science can describe religions, but not explain why humankind seems to be inherently religious.

It’s true that there have been unnecessary clashes between science and faith, and we disagree on the extent that the Bible should be taken into account in studying the world; but there’s no reason for Christians to reject the principles of sound science. Even Bill Bryson has admitted that “conventional science and a belief in god are absolutely not incompatible. You can be a scientist and believe in god: the two can go hand in hand.”

What we must take issue with is the dogmatic assertions that science has all the answers and all the explanations, or that science has disproved God. That is not within its remit – and even if it were, it would fail, however much some atheists try and twist science to that aim. The God of Israel, the Father of Jesus Christ, isn’t going to go away quite that easily. And for that we should be eternally grateful!




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