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I May Be Mistaken…

September 2, 2016

As I work on my current sermon series based on 1 Corinthians (can be heard here), I’m struck by how many areas of life are affected by our decision to follow Jesus. And since it’s not always easy to work out exactly what it means to live as a Christian, God has provided the Bible to guide us.

Unfortunately it’s not always that simple. You may have noticed that even committed Christians sometimes disagree when it comes to applying Biblical guidelines to specific issues. And as we go through 1 Corinthians, you may not always agree with my understanding of what it teaches.

Now that’s perfectly fine; I don’t claim to be infallible. Just make sure you disagree because my understanding is wrong, not just because the biblical truth in itself is uncomfortable. I may well be mistaken; Paul isn’t. My interpretation of Bible might be biased; but when you attempt to correct it, make sure your interpretation is more true to Bible, not simply more acceptable to sinful human wisdom…

The NT was written for whole church of all eras, to teach us both how to become children of God and how to live as those children. If we start cherry-picking bits we like and ignoring what we don’t approve of, we’re no longer trusting God but our own judgment. That’s tantamount to claiming we understand Jesus better than Peter and John and Paul… which is clearly ridiculous.

So as we work our way through a very challenging book, keep praying and listening: even if what you hear is hard to hear, allow the Holy Spirit to use it for the glory of God in your life! I promise you won’t regret it.


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