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The Hunt for Boring October

September 27, 2016

Dear friends,

It’s nearly October – one of those boring months when nothing happens…

Or not. This year our church has been busier than usual, thanks to the church turning 200, and October isn’t really going to be any different. Just browse through the programme and you’ll find

  • A Clothes Collection (with cream tea!) for Syria. This is an exciting way of getting involved in the world, expressing Kingdom values as we take a stand against evil and its consequences. The church isn’t meant to hide away in a building; we’re meant to get our hands dirty in our ministry to the world.
  • A Creation Coffee morning at the Community Centre. This will be a bit different from previous coffee mornings: the focus is more on making people (including ourselves!) think about the Bible and its message, including the claim that God is the Creator of everything – and the fact that this proclamation is not anti-science or blind faith!
  • A Members Meeting, where various aspects of the life of the church are discussed and decisions made. We have gained a few new members since the last one, which is nice. A Baptist Church is run by its members; if you’re not already a member, why not enquire about what it means?
  • A Youth Service, where young people from several churches in the area come together to worship and be challenged to grow in their faith. We can’t pray enough for this!
  • A Curry evening where we can meet Sam and Joshua from India and find out more about their ministry.
  • A United Evening Service at the very end of the month, where believers from all the churches in our two villages come together to proclaim that we have the same Lord and the same gospel to preach to every nation.

So there it is: the life of the church in October, meeting in worship and fellowship, practical action and thought-provoking teaching. And all for the glory of Jesus our Saviour!


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