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Happy New for the Time Being

January 3, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am pleased to announce that we are now 366 days closer to the Second Coming than we were this date a year ago! Isn’t that exciting?!

I have often wondered about those Christians who don’t think Jesus’ return is particularly exciting. I realise that in many cases this lack of interest is mainly an overreaction to the hyped-up expectations that have characterised some parts of the church, but still: the New Testament talks an awful lot about Jesus returning to earth as King and Judge.

Time is not circular; at some point it started (and it’s interesting that current scientific ideas agree with the idea of time having a starting point) and at some point it will stop – or at least transform into something different. Time is running out, in a very literal sense!

But before that great day, we have a job to do. Jesus told us to make disciples; that is the main task of the Christian church, and discipleship is the foundation of everything else the church might get involved in. A genuine disciple of Jesus will want to help the homeless and feed the hungry, will want to fight for justice and righteousness, will want to defend the unborn and support the victims of violence… because love and compassion is what should characterise true disciples.

But in order for there to be true disciples, we have to keep inviting people into the Kingdom where these values are standard. We have to invite people to submit to King Jesus, since it’s only through him that we can be cleansed from sin and given the Holy Spirit who will enable us to live by those standards.

And then one day the end will come: a day of reckoning and restoration, of judgment and jubilation: the King has returned to set everything right again, and we will be rewarded for our Kingdom services. That is surely something that we should all be looking forward to!


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