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Prayer Matters

February 23, 2017

After last year’s emphasis on our 200th church anniversary,  I’m going to emphasise prayer in a more deliberate way this year. And so I decided to give you a couple of good quotes to chew on from Pete Greig, the founder of the 24-7 Prayer movement, and also the author of several books on prayer (God on Mute, Red Moon Rising, Dirty Glory – all worth reading!). Here’s what he says in Dirty Glory:

“Prayer (in which we harness our wills with God’s will to resist Satan’s will) is our greatest weapon of defence as well as attack.  People sometimes ask why God requires us to pray, as if it was merely a form of relentless begging… But to pray is not to plead from the sidelines; it is to invade the field of play. In prayer we join the team, actively shaping the outcome of the match, challenging and occasionally outplaying an aggressive opponent …” (p. 101-102)

“It can be troubling to recognise the militancy of prayer and the level of authority we may wield to affect the outcome of spiritual battles. But the truth is this: there are terrible evils that will only be restrained, and wonderful blessings that will only be unlocked, by our prayers. … The Lord’s purposes are contingent upon our prayers because he has chosen to work in partnership with our free wills. … He is love and love liberates, love trusts, love risks, love collaborates. It does not dominate, control, coerce or enslave.” (p. 102)

Frail, fallible humans working with Almighty God to see his will done and his Kingdom come – incredible, humbling, scary – but also amazing and exciting. Let’s make sure we all join in!


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