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Tolle, Lege – Not Just for Church Fathers!

April 27, 2017

One week last year our Friendship circle had “a good read” as its theme – and that is a good theme indeed! In times gone by, Baptists in Sweden were sometimes called “readers” because they read more than other people, both the Bible and other publications. It’s somewhat sad to think that it was actually meant as a put-down; but they were proud to be called “readers”, and so should we.

Obviously every Christian should read the Bible; since God has made sure the story of his salvation plan has been written down, we would be foolish to ignore it! But there’s a lot of other good books around, that will help you grow in your faith. Some are just inspiring, others deal with difficult topics, some are amusing and others dead serious… Here are some of my favourite Christian books:

The Case for Christ (Lee Strobel): great defence of the reliability of the Bible.

The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist (Andy Bannister): funny and convincing defence of our faith.

Mere Christianity (C S Lewis): well, yes – obviously!

The Shack (W P Young): a gripping novel about wrestling with why God allows tragedies.

I sold my Soul on eBay (Hemant Mehta): an atheist goes to church every Sunday for a year, and describes how it seems to an outsider. Challenging!

Last year I read Paradoxology (Krish Kandiah), which deals with all the paradoxes of the Christian faith, and Inventing the Universe (Alister McGrath) about the (non-existent) clash between faith and science…

My favourites so far this year must be Pete Greig’s God on Mute and Dirty Glory, both about prayer and compassion and what a great God we serve.

The list goes on, but this space doesn’t. So to conclude: keep reading! Books, magazines, online blogs – it’s always worth it, and you will be blessed!

(PS: “Tolle, lege” is Latin for “Take and read”, the words which St Augustine heard in the garden and which caused him to pick up and open the Bible, which led to his conversion.)



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