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Singing My Sermons?!

July 27, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I realised something interesting: almost all my sermons can be found on YouTube… in musical shape, performed by various Christian artists. So here you are: almost everything I regularly preach on, in a much more enjoyable format!

[Disclaimer: most of these videos are not official music videos and may not be approved by the artists featured; some of them are also not great artistically speaking. So, if you enjoy the songs, please go on to find them elsewhere, or listen to them on my special “Sermons in Song” Spotify playlist!]

God’s Nature: Rez Band, Attention

The Origin of Evil: Petra, This Means War

Messiah promised: El Shaddai

Messiah born: Casting Crowns While You Were Sleeping  

Messiah ministering: Larry Norman, The Outlaw

Messiah crucified: Petra, It Is Finished

Messiah Risen: Don Francisco He’s Alive

Original Sin: Theocracy, Hide in the Fairytale

Life without Jesus: Glenn Kaiser Band, Carolina Moon

Invitation to repent and believe: The Choir, Wonderful Scandalous Night  [Spotify version: the Lost Dogs]

It’s for everyone: The Electrics, There’s a Party Going on Upstairs [not on Spotify] 

Discipleship: Toby Mac, Backseat Driver

The Bible: Petra, Counsel of the Holy 

Prayer: Casting Crowns, What If His People Prayed

Jesus Return: Edin Ådahl I’m Waiting for You [Spotify: the Swedish version, which is much better anyway!]

Our Death and Resurrection: Petra, Graverobber 

What we should all be because of all this: DC Talk, Jesus Freak 




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