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Loving and Loving like a Disciple

August 7, 2017

It’s often been said that Brits don’t discuss money, sex or politics, and probably for good reasons: it’s either too personal or too controversial, and you don’t want to upset or alienate people. So isn’t it interesting that the Bible has so much to say about those topics?

It’s true that neither Paul nor Jesus discuss Brexit, pension funds or whether the HS2 should go ahead – but that doesn’t mean that your thinking on such issues shouldn’t be affected by your commitment to Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

On the contrary: if you’re a disciple of Jesus, all of life is subject to the Lordship of Jesus – no exceptions! So, when faced with an ethical or political or financial issue, your first question should always be: How would God be most glorified in this matter? And the second one, What would be the most loving – in the biblical sense! – thing to do?

Now, I imagine we will still arrive at different conclusions as to what is the best way to love our neighbours (and our enemies) as ourselves; but we should still ask those questions.

And when we find ourselves disagreeing, let’s start by agreeing on those primary goals: we want to glorify God and love our neighbour. That way we will at least have a common denominator and a common purpose, which must surely be better than assuming that anyone who thinks differently to us is a selfish heretic…



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