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500 Years of Reformation

September 18, 2017

After our church’s bicentenary last year, you may not be aware that 2017 marks another important anniversary: it’s 500 years since Martin Luther unwittingly kick-started the Reformation – and the world has not been the same since.

Some people seem to think the Reformation was just a cause of unnecessary church splits and strife; although that is true in so far as Luther never intended to split the church, it definitely wasn’t unnecessary – people’s eternal salvation hung in the balance!

Still, you may wonder why we as Baptists should remember and celebrate the Reformation – I had a Twitter conversation in August about that very question. But even though the Baptist movement has spiritual roots from long before Martin Luther, it was the brave German monk whose resistance made it possible for anyone to read the Bible and oppose unbiblical traditions wherever they found them.

History is what made us what we are, and the reformation is part of our history. So this autumn we’re going to take a good look at what Luther said and did, and why it still matters 500 years later. And if you’re worried that it’s just going to be even more boring than usual, don’t despair – the spiritual and theological battles of the time are anything but, and the end purpose will always be to help us glorify Jesus and know the truth which sets us free. Which of course was exactly what Luther was after!


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