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Keep February Busy

February 4, 2019

Dear friends,

It looks like February is going to be a very busy month here at Milford Baptist Church! Firstly, this week we’re starting the Bible Course (produced by the Bible Society) – it’s looking very good, and we hope i will attract a few people who don’t normally come to mid-week events.

Then we have Cherry’s funeral – a chance to celebrate a long life (she was 101) lived for the glory of God. As Paul says, we don’t have to mourn like those who have no hope (1 Thess 4:13): we know Jesus defeated death and that we will meet again.

And then another kind of celebration, when Keith is baptised as a sign of his commitment to Jesus. Yes, he’s been a Christian most of his life, but it’s still exciting to celebrate his public, conscious declaration of (re)commitment in believers’ baptism.

In between those two events we find Valentine’s Day, a secular celebration of love which may or may not be relevant to you…

One thing is certain: it’s always worth celebrating God’s love, which is not primarily based on strong emotions and / or personal benefit. Therefore it’s more reliable and goes further than any human love can do – after all, it took the Creator to the manger and the cross!

But Jesus endured that because he knew what he stood to gain: a redeemed people, cleansed from sin and adopted into the family of God, to spend a joyful eternity with. That’s the glorious hope and promise that we will celebrate through a baptism and a funeral: Jesus’ love gives new meaning to both our lives and our deaths, because he lives and we can live with him, here and now and forever.


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