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Hello! My name is David Hellsten, and I am the minister at Milford on Sea Baptist Church. I am married to Annette, and we have two children. Originally I am from Sweden; Annette, however, is English. We moved to Milford in April 2011, and are excited about the village, the beach and the New Forest, as well as about the new ministry that the Lord has given us here. I love preaching the Good News about Jesus, and have already had quite a few opportunities to do so in the open air.

Before coming to Milford, we were missionaries in Albania. First we were church planters with OM (Operation Mobilisation), and later on I taught at a Bible school (the Albanian Bible Institute), training Albanian church leaders and missionaries.

My desire is to see the church grow in wisdom, power and commitment, and to see people come to faith in Jesus and choose to live their lives as his disciples. Please pray for us, as we as a church try to live out God’s love and compassion in a hard world, sharing with everybody the Good News that Jesus is alive and well!

Thanks for reading my blog; you can also follow me on Twitter: @RevDavidMilford

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